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Womens Lingerie

It is believed that the first example of lingerie for women originated in the Mediterranean, two thousand years before Christ. The field of women’s lingerie has grown ever since and is popular among all classes of people. It appears all around the world as it is also a multi-million pound industry, with newer styles and functions appearing on a regular basis.

There are two different classes of lingerie for women. One style enhances what women already have. Another style hides what women don’t want to have. Bustiers and corsets can fit in both classes. Corsets have a slimming effect, making the waist appear smaller and curvier. Bustiers push up the breasts, enhancing and forming the bust.

Bras are a type of women’s lingerie, although they have been so mainstreamed that they are a standard piece to most women’s wardrobes. Bras serve many functions. They provide assistance to women with a bigger bust, by aiding in back support. They can pull up drooping breasts, and enhance with gel and other fillers. With a pair of matching pants, bras can also charm.

Lingerie has come a long way from the days of burlesque. Seedy motels and back alley shops were the breeding ground of lingerie back then, when men with insatiable appetites went to Burlesque shows to see their fantasies enacted on stage. Women with skimpy clothing danced, while some took pieces of their clothing off and taunted the men with them. Now, women can do the same thing for their own men, without the inhibition of those older days. Women’s lingerie has come into the light, and there exist many beautiful & tasteful pieces. And what is not tasteful is acceptable in other circles and with other purposes. The g-strings, thongs, backless panties and fishnet stocking with leather are a look that serves to sell sex. This sex sells between a couple in the bedroom or on the pages of Playboy.

Women’s lingerie was originally made from silk and satin, it represented sexuality and comfort. Now lingerie is made from a variety of different fabrics, each with its own meaning. Leather lingerie denotes danger and carries with it a rebellious attitude. Velvet lingerie is soft and exotic. Cotton is for modern women who dislike frilly, sassy clothing. Lycra is used for a sporty, tight-fitting look.

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Corsets…..A Brief Explanation


The most popular use of corsets is for slimming the body and to encourage it to form a fashionable hourglass silhouette. Women use them to put emphasis on a curvy figure. The corset lessens the waistline, and in turn amplifies the bust and hips. Surprisingly, corsets have been widely used by men. They are more usually used to slim their figure. However, during the early 1800’s an hourglass figure was also sought-after for men; and was often accomplished by wearing a corset.

The wearing of a corset for long periods can enable men and women to learn to endure extreme waist constriction, which will eventually reduce their natural waist size. Usually people can accomplish a 20 inch reduction. However, in 1998, the Guinness Book of World Records reported Ethel Granger as having the smallest waist ever, at 13 inches.

There are also serious medical reasons why people might wear corsets. Spinal problems such as scoliosis and internal injuries will require such a garment in order to immobilize and protect the torso. One famous wearer of the corset was Andy Warhol. In 1968 he was shot and in order to prevent his wounds worsening, he had to wear a corset for the rest of his life.

Corsets also play a huge part in BDSM and sexual fetish roleplay. The dominant would wear a corset to achieve a toughened, superior appearance. A dominant woman would often be referred to as a dominatrix and she would wear high heeled boots and carry a whip. The submissive would be forced to wear a corset, which would be laced very tight, restricting movement for the wearer.

If you are wearing a corset for the first time you must allow time for the corset to be broken in. It needs to be moulded to your body to get a proper fit, and usually takes a full day. To begin you must, with help, start by lacing the corset loosely, then every couple of hours you can increase the tightening of the laces. This will allow the corset to gradually mould to the body. If this is your first time wearing a corset, it may take a week to feel fully comfortable.

Some health benefits to wearing corsets include good posture, improved function for back related issues, more comfortable for larger breasted women than brassiers. Other advantages include the appearance of slimming, larger breasts and waistline reduction.

However, health risks can include contracting Glenard’s disease. Some internal organs may be displaced upward or downward according to the pressure applied, deformation of the stomach and breathing difficulties.

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Valentines Day!


Love it or hate it…..its on its way, February 14th is Valentines Day!

But why do we do it? Why do we find ourselves rushing out to the
shops yet again (as if Christmas wasnt bad enough) to buy yet another
pressie for our special someone to enjoy. Do they?

Rumour has it that the origin of Valentines Day all started back in Rome.

So who was Saint Valentine? Well, that hasnt been established as
there were three different Saint Valentines and all were martyred.
There are many stories that suggest the Valentines Day origin stems
from the Roman Empire during the reign of emperor Claudius II. Claudius
believed that all married men turned out to be poor and weak soldiers
and this made him against the idea of marriage between two young
couples. When Claudius realised that Saint Valentine had defied him and
was secretly encouraging young lovers to get married, he passed orders
for his death. So it was on the 14th February when the great Saint
Valentine died, around 270 AD.

Many stories also suggest that Saint Valentine himself initiated the
concept of sending love messages, he would write notes and end by
signing ‘from your valentine’. Stories suggest that during his
imprisonment he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and expressed
feelings for her by writing her a love letter.

As time moved on, this story was passed from generation to
generation and the number of stories no doubt grew. But people still
believe to this day that Valentine was a very romantic person and he
was the one who initiated lovers all over the world to express their
feelings to their valentine.

Today of course, Valentines Day is a huge commercial importance.
Many people all over the world buy cards, gifts, flowers, chocolates,
etc for their loved one with the main symbols of Valentine being, of
course, hearts, flowers and cupids.

Fluffy Lingerie


Welcome to Fluffy Lingerie!

Fluffy Lingerie are part of the Fluffy Group and are a new and exciting new concept in ladies and mens supersexy underwear.

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Shopping for lingerie at Fluffy Lingerie is safe, secure and very discreet. So you can be assured of your confidentiality at all times. Your transaction will be processed using our secure checkout and should you wish to return a product, our returns policy is completely hassle free.

The Fluffy Group!

The Fluffy Group

The Fluffy Group are a new exciting concept in online shopping.

The brand was created in December 2008 with a focus on providing quality products and names you can trust at affordable prices.

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